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The Brief:

The client came to us asking to make better use of wasted space. The items on their wishlist were: making the master bedroom into a bigger space with an added dressing room, pushing the kitchen out and finally, turning the loft into office space.

The Architectural Design & Structural Engineering:

Our team created a triple storey side extension alongside a single storey rear extension and roof conversion as well as a new detached garage. We achieved this by incorporating major modifications to the existing rooms to create a large open plan living space. This involved the installation of a large 3 storey steel frame which allowed for different size rooms on all floors due to using steel supports rather than traditional brick/block walls to support the floor. This approach also allowed for flush finishes to the ceiling and walls, which give the space a sleek, modern and airy look. A vaulted ceiling to the roof maximises the usable space within the roof structure. Finally, the installation of a rear glass window over 3 floors really opens the entire space.

The Result:

Our unique vision has resulted in a large space, inundated with light that fits the family’s vision and has enabled them to really enjoy their home and use all the space to it fullest potential.

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