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The Brief:
The owners of this beautiful family home in rural Surrey wanted to open up their living space and create a separate second living room by converting their underused garage. 

The Architectural Design & Structural Engineering:
Having been presented a design from another source, we were asked to review and provide recommendations. One of the key issues we found was that the proposed design was advising to move the electrics and gas units, which added considerable cost to the build.

BetterLivingSpace reworked the proposed design to enable the power units to remain in their existing position and keep the utility and boiler rooms side by side. Our rework resulted in far less upheaval, maintained power services throughout the project, and existing structural supports could be reused wherever possible.  

One of the key structural considerations when remodelling the kitchen to create the large open-plan kitchen and dining area, was ensuring the correct supports were inserted to enable the removal of a supporting wall beneath a first floor bedroom balcony. Another structural feature was the insertion of new door lintels to the rear of the former garage. This allowed for the creation of two new doors, directly accessing the garden from the new living and utility rooms. 

The Result:
The family now benefits from a light and extremely spacious open plan area for kitchen and dining. While the children are enjoy the home cinema experience in the new living room. 

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