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Our clients have the opportunity to ‘walk around’ their property project using Virtual Reality (VR) technology before we submit the final architectural designs and floor plans for Local Authority Planning Approval.

Viewing your project in VR enables you to visualise it in its entirety and gain a realistic feel for the space, layout and even the placement of the furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Floor plans and design models, while essential for developing the architectural design and structural engineering, rely on a high level of visualisation for someone to realistically imagine the finished form their project will take. There is nothing quite like stepping into your new property extension, conversion, redesign or new build and walking though it, exploring each room using 360 degree VR technology.

After your VR session we will able to discuss and implement any changes, before submitting to the Local Authority Planning Department.


Making changes at this stage is far more effective than later on, when timelines and the associated costs may make changes either extremely expensive or impractical.

Virtual Reality
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