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The Brief:

The family owners had already been through planning and were frustrated to find out that no new additions were possible as the house was already extended beyond greenbelt volume limits. We were engaged to better utilise the existing space and help create their desired family home.

The Architectural Design & Structural Engineering:

The blocker literally, to the design was the stairs. As you came in the house there they were. Restricting viewing and cramping the entrance. Head clearances meant that moving them in a Chalet Bungalow was not going to be straight forward.

A 90-degree turn worked to remove the stairs from the entrance and with the upstairs landing. We then opened the space and made it better.

The Result:

A spacious entrant leading to a large open plan room show casing the garden and flooded with light. Expansive kitchen, with large dining table for entertaining, their own bar and comfy living space.

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