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The Brief:

The owners of this chalet bungalow in West Sussex purchased it with the vision of transforming it into their long-term family home. Situated in a scenic village, close to Billingsworth, it is the last on its road to be renovated and offers excellent investment potential.

The main criteria was to:

  • increase the living space;

  • provide a home office; and 

  • allow for a garage.

The Architectural Design & Structural Engineering:

On the whole, we have re-used the ground floor footprint of the existing two-bedroom bungalow, which is the most budget-friendly approach in this instance. The addition of a first floor and side extension then transforms the property into a 4-bedroom chalet-style house, with a separate double garage sitting next to the main property.


Alongside taking on a property project, the family launched a new business venture. So above the garage we have incorporated ample space for a convenient and comfortable home office, external to the main house.

Finally, the dated brick facade is to be modernised and overhauled, with the addition of contemporary wood cladding.


The Result:

With planning permission granted for our proposed architectural designs we are excited to see the finished build. This will become a spacious and contemporary 4-bedroom family home for our clients, with ample external storage and a fully fitted, separate home office. 

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