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The Brief:

The owners of this 4-bedroom house in Oxshott, Surrey want to replace the existing detached garage with a new, contemporary double garage plus additional space for a garden room, or home office, and gym. 

The Architectural Design & Structural Engineering:

BetterLivingSpace has worked on concept design ideas for this brief, initially working within the confines of permitted development before exploring options falling under planning permission. The property lies within a high risk surface water flooding zone, adding a layer of additional complexity to the project.


We have therefore sought to provide rainwater management and drainage focussed designs, to minimise flood risk. This includes opting for a vegetation roof to slow rainwater runoff, using a permeable paving surface, such as gravel, and including methods to capture and reuse rainwater via grey water systems that can be employed for garden irrigation.

The Result:

Having explored options within permitted development, we will be working closely with the property owners to examine further options under planning permission and, ultimately, bring this exciting and innovative project to fruition. Updates to follow!

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