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Your Choice of Consultation is the New Norm

As life gets back to normal, we have taken the decision to permanently offer the choice to our clients of conducting all meetings and consultations via Zoom or in-person, according to preference.

Although the rigorous rules of lockdown have now been replaced by a day-to-day normalcy that closely resembles pre-pandemic life, there are some ways of working which will never revert

Prior to the pandemic, we were already strong advocates of flexible working and it was gratifying to see most blue chip and global organisations adopt flexible measures in some capacity, offering employees a work-life balance that would not formerly have been thought possible.

We appreciate our clients are often juggling busy schedules and we try to work as flexibly as we can to accommodate. Offering Zoom meetings and consultations on a permanent basis is a small but significant step in making our business processes as adaptable as possible.

If you would like no-obligation advice on how to improve and add value to your property, book in for a free consultation with a designer and engineer - either via Zoom or in-person; the choice is yours!



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