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The Brief:

Our clients were looking to add a contemporary rear extension to their home to provide additional family living and kitchen-dining space. 

The Architectural Design & Structural Engineering:

By closing off the current living room from the former conservatory, we created a separate formal reception room with fireplace. The new extension then became an independent, spacious and free-flowing family living area and kitchen-diner. 

We explored two options; both designs falling within permitted development. The first option was a 3/4 width, flat roof extension, leaving enough room to let the westerly evening sun still flow through to neighbouring property. 

The second option was a full-width extension with sloping roof, with the height at the eaves reaching 2.4 metres. This option provides increased internal living space for our clients and also brings more sunlight into the extension, while still remaining sympathetic to the evening sun reaching the neighbouring property. 


A thoughtful interior design for the kitchen layout means the sloping roof design has no impact whatsoever on internal living space. 


The Result:

Two interesting options to fulfil the brief; both considerate to neighbouring property. In both instances we were careful to provide an architectural design that was sympathetic to a family opting to live in their property during the building phase, with a structural design that involved constructing walls rather than removing them!


After careful consideration, our clients opted for the second option, a full-width extension, to benefit from a maximum amount of increased living space. We look forward to posting updates of the finished build.

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