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Spotlight On: Jack & Jill Bathrooms

Like the renowned nursery rhyme in which Jack & Jill

tumble down the hill, you may well believe all-out warfare has broken out in your home when it comes to bathroom right of access. But there is a clever solution to sibling bathroom squabbles.

A Jack and Jill bathroom is a shared bathroom solution. In essence it functions as an ensuite for both, with two separate doors providing access from each bedroom.

Normally a Jack & Jill bathroom is shared between siblings, being an ideal space and budget saving solution when you do not want to invest into creating two separate ensuites. While the addition of a Jack & Jill may not completely quell the bathroom bickers, it will certainly remove the raised voices from your own washroom domain!

A Jack & Jill can be full a bathroom with a bath, one or two washbasins, a shower and loo; or take the form of a simple shower room. Essentially your available space and budget will dictate the form it takes. Regardless of what you opt for, it will be an appreciated and worthwhile investment to your home. And, unlike the famous nursery rhyme after which it takes its name, a Jack & Jill should help keep bickering and mishaps at bay!



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