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Seriously Snug

As the cooler evenings draw in, we find ourselves thinking ahead to the winter months, when the temptation becomes overwhelming to draw the curtains and hunker down by a roaring fire; music on and hot drink in hand. Perhaps even closing the door on the chaos that reigns in the rest of the house… If this kind of tranquility is a rare commodity in your home then you are in need of a snug.

A snug, simply put, is a small cosy area where you can switch off and relax. Often it is a separate room but it could also be created in an unused corner of a larger area. There are no hard and fast rules about what a snug must look like or contain. Its sole purpose is to create a cosy, comfortable and relaxing environment. So whether you prefer to fill it with books or video games, the choice is yours. This makes installing a snug a highly cost effective and flexible way of creating a recognised and valued separate space within your home.

Simple Snug Ideas:

  • Being a small area, go light with the colour scheme, using muted tones rather than brights to open up the room.

  • Use warm, subtle lighting to foster a serene environment.

  • Bring in a carpenter to create bespoke shelves or bookcases, making full use of any awkward nooks and crannies.

  • Opt for blinds over curtains – they will help create an illusion of ceiling height. With clever positioning, blinds can also let in a maximum of natural light when not in use.

  • Invest in furniture that doubles up as storage solutions. A sofa with in-built storage can hold an incredible number of board games.

  • Install a fire or wood burner for ultimate winter cosiness.

One of the principal benefits of creating a snug is the value – financially and emotionally – you will gain from it with little expenditure. Normally a snug is a created from an existing box room, or an unused corner of the home that can be sectioned off with no structural rework required. If you would like to explore ideas about how to create a snug in your home, contact us for inspiration and advice.



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