At BetterLivingSpace we aim to surpass client expectations by presenting unique and creative concepts, tailored to complement individual needs. We undertake home extensions, renovations, new builds and structural engineering projects throughout Surrey, London and the South-East. Here is just a selection of the positive feedback we receive on a daily basis. 

We are working with Ed on re-designing our house for a significant rebuild.

We are delighted with the results.  Ed works closely with us, understanding the brief, but also challenging it to create exciting and novel ideas. Always, however, working in collaboration to ensure they are sensitive to our aspirations.  We are very excited by the plans.

Stephen and Elizabeth L.


We had a difficult case for a loft extension, which had previously gone to appeal through planning and been rejected. Ed was able to come in with his wealth of experience and suggest something that we had not considered. Needless to say that we obtained planning consent fairly quickly (3 months) after over a year of battling the council!

Parmjot and Ricki B.


Ed has helped tremendously throughout our design process. Testing new ideas,
talking through our requirements and adding his own experience to offer
alternatives and enhancements, ensuring that the final design reflects all
that we envisaged. 

Seeing our designs brought to life in 3D is a really helpful aspect to Ed's
service. He also has extensive industry and building legislation knowledge
that he has offered freely throughout, ensuring we don't waste any time
submitting plans likely to be rejected. 

A professional, creative and thorough service, and individual. 

Karen T.


Thank you so much BetterLivingSpace. My husband and I are really impressed with your ideas and it has certainly opened up my mind.

Susanne J.


Many thanks for this, it is a very clever design with the existing space which flows well. Alex and I have had a very long discussion!

Darren S.


Great ideas and certainly food for thought. We are now in discussions!

Amy B.


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