How to Win at Appeals

19 Feb 2018


If you are coming to us having already had your Planning Permission refused, we can help you appeal against that decision. In the very rare instance that one of our existing clients has a planning permission refusal then we will of course conduct their appeal free of charge. 


On average, a typical planning application takes around 8-10 weeks but the appeal process normally lasts 12-14 weeks. An appeal, however, must be submitted within 12 weeks of receiving the notification of refused planning.


At BetterLivingSpace, we will look at the planning refusal report and realistically assess the chances of gaining permission on appeal. On average around 50% of appeals are approved, which is a highly encouraging rate. Moreover, submitting an appeal is free of charge - so you quite literally have nothing to lose!


After submitting your appeal, a planning officer from outside of the local area will be assigned to your case. This ensures that the 'local trend' of planning decisions often seen within a borough is removed to create a more holistic process.


Once the planning officer has reached a decision, however, it is final and even the local council will not be able to contest it. In the case that you believe the original refusal was unreasonable and that it caused you unnecessary and provable costs then you may be able to claim for an award of costs. 


Speak to us to get friendly and professional advice on how to position your appeal.


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