Building with SIPs

14 Oct 2019


What are SIPs? And how using them for your home build could save you time and money.


Your building contractor may mention the option of building with SIPs for your new build, home extension or renovation project, and this could be an unfamiliar term for you.


SIPs stands for Structural Insulated Panels and is a technique that was developed in the US during the 1930s. It remained relatively underused until recently and is now experiencing a rapid growth in popularity.


In essence, SIPs are insulation panels sandwiched between Oriented Strand Boards (OSBs). They can be used for the external wall, any internal load bearing walls and the roof panels. Although SIPs are only produced in a range of standard sizes, they can also be cut to specific dimensions in line with the particular design specifications for a new build, extension or renovation.


The advantages of constructing with SIPs include:


  • SIPs are possibly the most sustainable form of construction material currently available. This is due not only to the thermally excellent properties they offer, but also a rigid insulation core that helps to maximise airtightness.

  • They offer incomparably quick construction. The SIPs are prepared in a factory before being delivered to site, where they can be simply slotted into place. A typical two-storey 200m2 house could take just 12 days to factory fabricate and then 12 days to erect on site.

  • As well as saving time, they can also save you money! SIPs remain structurally underused so if you employ them to full structural capacity it reduces the amount of steel underpinning.

  • 10-year warranties on SIPs construction are available through companies such as LABC (Local Authority Building Control).

  • Most insurance companies accept them as standard construction material for building insurance (but check yours).


There are lots of different types of SIPs available so it’s important you work with an experienced SIPs designer who will be able to design to the capabilities of the product and ensure the most value for money. At BetterLivingSpace we only use BBA approved SIPs.


To find out more about using SIPs and how they may benefit your building project contact us for a no-obligation chat.


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