The 5 Stages of a Home Build or Redesign - Stage 2: 3D Modelling

20 Sep 2016


Last time we looked at Stage 1 - Design of the five stages for a home build or redesign. Here we look at the second stage, using 3D models.


Stage 2 – Using 3D Models to Bring Architectural Designs to Life.


Architectural modelling uses 3D models to show your project to scale. Traditionally, these models were created using physical materials (paper, cardboard etc). These days, architectural designers are more likely to use imaging software to provide scaled 3D images for a home build project.  This method is far more cost effective than building a physical model and provides greater flexibility for design changes and adjustments.


There are multiple benefits to using scaled 3D images or models. Flat, or 2D, images can be tricky to visualise in a three dimensional, ‘real life’ format. Being provided with 3D images will enable you to ‘step into’ your build project to gain a true feel for the space, before the design plans are agreed. Not only does this let you visualise the rooms, it also provides an accurate idea of the room layout and spatial interrelationships.


At BetterLivingSpace, once your designs are fully built in 3D format we will then start to layout the house in the utmost detail, with all the fixings, fittings and furniture.  Detailing the layout and fittings at this stage removes all the guesswork around how the house might look and function. This level of detail can also save a considerable amount of time and money later down the line, as it enables you to actually see how every element interacts and fits with its surroundings.  


Another notable benefit to 3D modelling is that architectural models are used in the construction permit and approvals process. Having 3D models allows regulators to see exactly how the project will impact the surrounding area and may make it easier to get any necessary approvals.


If you would like more information about 3D architectural design modelling or any other aspect of a build project, simply contact us.


Next up: Stage 3 - Planning and how to get your build approved!

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