Creating a BetterLivingSpace with No Planning Permission Required!

11 May 2016

If your garage has become a mere offshoot of the attic and is an inside space your car rarely sees then, with clever design, you can easily convert it into an extension of your living space. 


A well converted garage can offer a new lease of life and add value to your home. Whether you have an extra bedroom in mind, a larger kitchen or living room, a home office, annex, or child's den, this additional space can ease the congestion in the main house. And with the right design and structural approach, no one need know that this extra space was once a mere garage! 


The great news is that garage conversions can normally be carried out under permitted development regulations. I say 'normally' as there can be exceptions (where listed buildings are concerned, for example). At BetterLivingSpace we will always check every case with the local authority. Building regulations approval will always be needed, however, as you are changing the fundamental use of the building. We also recommend obtaining a certificate of lawful development.

The type of conversion you undertake will broadly depend on the garage position in relation to the house and its intended use. Is it attached or separate? Does it have existing windows? Who will be mainly using the resulting conversion and how?


Plenty of consideration needs to be given to the new structure’s features and how to turn a damp, dark garage into a bright, welcoming space. Will you need sun beams inserted (a method of funnelling natural light down through the roof)? Or sky lights? Will there be a mezzanine level requiring Velux windows? Does the garage need to be split so that it offers additional living space alongside some remaining practical storage space for bikes, scooters, a pram etc? How about your existing boiler – will it cope servicing this extra space as well? 


At BetterLivingSpace we will work through these questions and many more, to get an absolute understanding of how the conversion needs to look and what it needs to offer before any design work starts. We will then walk you through your 3D designs and take you through each step of the planning process when deciding how to create a best use of space. A garage conversion can be a cost effective and relatively hassle-free way to benefit from improved living space but only if it is done with careful consideration.


To find out more about garage conversions and how we can help, get in touch and we will happily advise.

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