Planning and Your Budget

27 Apr 2016


Weekly Tip: Avoid working with contractors on a percentage basis for a home build. Fix the price and let the professionals carry the risk!


Budgeting for a home build or remodelling work is a project in itself. On average, builds go over budget by 10-20%. Some a lot more! Of course, it’s always prudent to allow for unforeseen extras but careful advance planning can keep your budget and build under control and on track.


At BetterLivingSpace one of our main aims is to closely work with you to plan the build in its entirety before any construction work actually starts. This can even include planning and costing for all the fixtures and fittings. Such a level of detail ensures you can advance purchase at the best price and the unforeseen extras are minimised.


One of the simplest ways to keep control of your budget for the actual build is to work with contractors on a fixed price basis. By supplying a Scope of Works document to your contractor you are then in a position to fix a price with him for the entire build. How much manpower the contractor needs behind him to deliver the build in the agreed timeframe is then his concern and at his cost - not yours!


If you need advice on any aspect of a home build, or preparing a Scope of Works document, please get in touch


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