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A Room With a View

If you are lucky enough to overlook sweeping countryside or even enjoy a fabulous city skyline, a balcony can be a valuable addition to your home. Balconies not only provide additional space; they are also a place where we can breathe deep and relax. Plus, with the right design and installation, a balcony can add 'wow factor' and financial value to your property.

So how difficult and expensive is it to install a balcony? The good news is that often it is quite straightforward and relatively inexpensive. The biggest hurdle is obtaining planning permission as balconies to do not fall under permitted development. While the size and scope of your balcony will be primarily dictated by the design of your property and its situation, your personal preferences will also come into play.

The smallest, simplest and least expensive option is the ‘Juliet balcony’. Often spotted on apartment buildings, a Juliet balcony is basically a protected door opening, with rails or glass placed in front of it. Juliet balconies are ideal for busy city life, enabling you to enjoy the views without actually sitting outside. If you live in a countryside or relatively secluded location though, you will most likely want to maximise the use of the potential additional space. Larger balconies will entail structural work and, the larger the balcony the more time consuming and building material intensive it will be. But if you benefit from a south-facing view and dream of summer breakfasts alfresco then it will be money well spent.

The balcony pictured was an existing balcony on a property we worked on to convert the garage to a second living room and utility. Removing internal walls to carry out the conversion meant the balcony needed new structural support to underpin it.

For advice and ideas on how to add a balcony to your property, talk to the team who will be very happy to chat through the process.



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