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3 Most Medal-worthy Planning Application Successes

In the spirit of Tokyo 2020 and the fantastic performances from our GB athletes...Drum roll for BetterLivingSpace's 3 most medal-worthy planning application successes for the year to date.



Situated in a scenic village close to Billingsworth, this property is the last on its road to be renovated, offering excellent investment potential. The family owners brief was to fully overhaul and modernise their home, which we duly did while also increasing the living space, incorporating a home office and providing a garage. A stunning project and only finishing in 3rd place since there was an existing precedent on the road for conducting this level of renovation.


This detached property on a private road in Surrey will now benefit from a full garage and loft conversion, side and rear extensions, and internal remodelling. Our approved designs will transform this property into a substantial and spacious contemporary family home, set in an enviable location and affording ample living and entertaining space. A well-deserved 2nd place!


We were delighted to gain planning approval for this single-storey extension and conversion of a family property situated in Surrey Greenbelt. Understanding the complexities of greenbelt development, we explored two options with the family: one using designs falling within permitted development; and another using more adventurous and expansive designs that required a planning application, which was the option we pursued. The results speak for themselves and we are excited to see the finished build. No doubt at all that this project is worthy of Gold!


We are always looking to take on new projects and help property owners extend, transform or simply modernise their home or commercial space.

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