The BetterLivingSpace Approach

At BetterLivingSpace, we use a clearly defined, three phase approach:

Phase 1 - Designs and Planning 

Due Diligence

The initial step is to conduct all due diligence checks. We have complied a handy due diligence checklist of the main areas to research and consider before embarking on any preliminary architectural designs. This checklist is not exhaustive, as each project will have specific requirements, and at BetterLivingSpace we take the time to carefully work through the due diligence for each project with our clients. 

Concept Designs and Layout

Once the initial due diligence has been completed, you will be assigned a lead architectural designer, who will work closely with you to scope a brief, based on your requirements, your existing property and its locale, your sources of inspiration and your lifestyle. The architectural designer will also liaise with one of our structural engineers to ensure that, even during this preliminary phase, any proposed ideas are feasible. During this time, we will survey your property and hold a series of meetings and discussions with you until we reach an agreed, realistic design proposal.  From this, we can start to produce concept designs and layouts, which serve as a base for wider discussion and exploration. ​During this initial research phase, BetterLivingSpace will also submit a Pre-Planning Application to your Local Authority Planning Department to gather very top level feedback on our proposed designs. 

Following favourable feedback from the Pre-Planning Application, the last step in this phase is the production of the final design drawings, which are then formally submitted to your Local Authority Planning Department to obtain Planning Approval. 

- Scenario 1 - Planning Approval granted

Happy days - we can then move directly to Phase 2. 

- Scenario 2 - Planning Approval denied

Back to the drawing board. In this instance we need to examine the received feedback and consider where we can make modifications, or take steps to strengthen our proposal. 

Phase 2 - Structural Engineering and Building Control 

Structural Engineering 

BetterLivingSpace will assign a lead structural engineer to your project, who will be responsible for the full integration of your proposed design into your existing structure, using the most seamless, cost effective and practical methods possible. The structural engineer will also be the main point of contact with your Local Authority Building Control until . ​

Building Control


Phase 3 - Internal scoping and layouts

This phase involves planning and mapping out the essential internal fittings and fixtures, including doors, windows, light switches, power points etc.

Phase 4 - Construction