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The Brief:

The owners of this Surrey greenbelt property wanted to explore the options to maximise their space. They were curious to see what could be achieved within the confines of permitted development versus the planning permission route. Having moved here from far warmer climes, they were particularly keen to explore creating additional space for summer outdoor living and entertaining.

Option 1 - Permitted Development:

Our approach for the permitted development option was to add a rear extension to provide a spacious open-plan living and dining area, with adjoining play room. Increased outdoor relaxation and entertaining space is provided through the addition of an attractive garden room. We also converted the loft to accommodate two additional bedrooms with ensuite bathroom. And the existing first floor was remodelled to offer a significantly larger master bedroom, with dressing area and ensuite. 

Option 2 - Planning Permission:

In exploring the Planning Permission route we added a added a single-storey extension, full-width across the back of the property, and a set of dormers to the roof. The addition of the dormers enables the family to convert the two back bedrooms from singles into spacious double rooms. The extended downstairs space allows for an expansive open-plan living and dining area, with adjoining play room. 

The Result:

With two superb options to choose from, the family decided to pursue the Planning Permission route (Option 2). We are happy to report that permission was granted and we look forward to updating with photos from the finished build. 

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